• Project: Cloud PABX - Microsoft Teams Phone System :​
  • Clients: Marine Services
  • Category: Teams PABX
  • Project Year: August 09, 2021

Cloud PABX - Microsoft Teams Phone System :

Customer Challenges:

  1. A unified communication system for improved business collaboration.
  2. Post-pandemic, as most of the workforce started working from home, the initial challenge customer faced was to keep up with their customers, vendors and supplier calls received through landline in their workspace.
  3. To eliminate the need for the users to have two separate clients, one for instant messaging and conferencing [Microsoft Teams] and the second, legacy PBX [Cisco Phone System] for making and receiving telephony calls.
  4. Furthermore, it was difficult to manage the system administration and security of the solutions being currently used.

Why MS Teams Phone System?

Why rely on office desk phones when you can take landline calls via Teams, even when not in the office ?

  1. Microsoft Teams Phone System allows you to replace your existing on-premise or Hosted Voice platform and centralize your business’s communications infrastructure.
  2. You can equip your team with a powerful system that has everything available in one single interface, instant messaging, exchanging business files, video conferencing and Telephony.
  3. This will Improve employee productivity, enable easier administration and reduce upfront costs.

They are amongst the most trusted suppliers of Marine services, headquartered in Singapore and have more than 20 offices around the world including UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar, India, UK and others and run 24×7 operations. With their extensive network of local offices, they put forward to deploy Phone System on to Cloud using the most intelligent solution of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

With this they observed to have built an efficient and comparatively much more productive workforce delivering services around the clock even when working remotely. PABX integration with Microsoft Teams has enabled state-of-the art unified communication and team collaboration for their workforce to stay close to their clients, operations and personnel ensuring that their onshore team is able to respond efficiently to any operational, technical, or commercial requirement from anywhere and anytime. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of, a multi-national and diversified conglomerate based in Hong Kong. The company’s operations are predominantly based in the Greater China region, where this group has been established for over 150 years.

Solution: Cloud PABX – Microsoft Teams Phone System:

To transform their workforce into an enormously efficient one, while collaborating and communicating with their Global offices working 24×7, Microsoft Teams an ideal consideration for them to integrate their traditional telephony to build a Holistic collaboration app for their Team to experience not only the traditional telephony calls where a user can make a call out to the PSTN network, but also contextualized experiences on top of that. This saves on the cost off on premises hardware, PBxs and third party legacy devices.

Microsoft Teams Cloud Telephony For Seamless Global Collaboration:

In July 2020, the company adapted Microsoft Teams Telephony services. All that they needed for the integration was PSTN Line from their local telecom supplier, static IP, and a Microsoft Certified Session Border Controller which enabled them connect their Teams with PSTN Lines for an uninterrupted communication regardless of the geographical location of workforce. The customer could now unleash the full potential of Teams. Outcome is the integration of the company’s global operations, with all users able to connect with Teams from anywhere in the world, making communication and collaboration seamless while freeing employees to work from anywhere. For a company that works 24/7 across time zones, the productivity and efficiency increases are significant, with time and cost savings to match.