G-Suite to Microsoft 365 Migration

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At A Glance



Sydney based Design Industry



G-Suite to Microsoft 365 Migration


Solution Implemented

Migration from G-suite to Cloud.

Customer Objective:

A Sydney based Design Company who had delivered projects for leading Hollywood Films like George Miller’s Happy Feet, X-Men Origins-Wolverine and much more, operated their mailboxes on G-suite. Since their work included sharing 3-D model and graphic prototypes on emails with their teams set apart globally, their users found that G-suite did not offer enough storage for file sharing. Their users were restricted by G-suite size limit and henceforth looked for other ways of File sharing. This is where SharePoint was introduced.

  1. To deploy a solution for more computing power for their IT systems
  2. SharePoint provides a central repository for documents and a way of sharing them with version and access controls. The previous method of emailing documents to colleagues made it very hard to keep track of which document was the most up-to-date and resulted in a very large amount of data being stored on the company’s email server.
  3. To improve employee productivity in a rapid scaling environment
  4. Security fixes for vulnerabilities that may make the server vulnerable to security breaches.
  5. G-Suite did not allow integrating its mailboxes and calendars with Skype for Business, which made internal and external communication inefficient as employees couldn’t schedule meetings via Skype for Business.

Why Microsoft 365 Cloud Solution?

50 GB of Mailbox Size, Archiving, Microsoft Teams
SharePoint Online
Office 365 Desktop applications such as word, PowePoint, Excel etc..
Anti threat protection, Data loss prevention and much more

How GetMax did it?

  1. Understood the customer challenges by detailed in-depth discussions with their IT team.
  2. Architect a technical implementation solution for G-suite migration and presented the solution to the IT team on Microsoft Teams.
  3. Final presentation of approved solution to their management team on Microsoft Teams and getting a sign-off for the project.


Migration to Microsoft 365 allowed the Customer to improve employee communication and collaboration as Exchange Online provided intuitive and convenient email management. It allowed new employees to get access to all the previous email communication on projects belonging to a project team they joined. For all document management, employees were able to use SharePoint for file transfer and real-time teamwork for better collaboration. As required by the Customer, the company’s employees could easily schedule meetings using Skype for Business. They also could leverage Office 365 Groups to create team collaboration space. This area included a shared Outlook inbox, a shared calendar or a document library for collaborating on documents and enabled its members to make notes on emails.

Technologies and Tools used: G-Suite, Microsoft 365, Exchange Online, Gmail API, PowerShell.

The greatest benefit is the integration of all users communication and collaboration seamless while freeing employees to work from anywhere. For a company that works 24/7 across time zones, the productivity and efficiency increases are significant, with time and cost savings to match.