Email migration from GO Daddy to Microsoft 365


At A Glance



Security & Facility Management Industry



Go Daddy to Microsoft 365 Migration


Solution Implemented

Migrating data with help of third-Party Tool.

  1. PQ: “We have helped leading security & facility management solutions Provider in migrating their Mail data from GoDaddy hosted Microsoft 365 services to New Microsoft 365 Tenant. We help them have access to their admin center thus enabling them to have a more secure infrastructure.

How GetMax did it?

  1. Understood the customer challenges by detailed in-depth discussions with their IT team.
  2. Architect a technical implementation solution for Data Migration and presented the solution to the IT team on Microsoft Teams.
  3. Final presentation of approved solution to their management team on Microsoft Teams and getting a sign-off for the project.

GetMax, Microsoft Gold Partner Network and an experienced Migration Deployment Service provider was chosen to assist customer with setting-up New Tenant in Microsoft 365 and Migration of Data. GetMax’s certified pre-sales consultants worked with customer’s IT & user teams to design a robust implementation Plan to Migrate email data with no data loss and within the defined time frame. The data migration was done successfully, and changeover was done hassle free.


  • The Users were able to migrate to Microsoft 365 and had access to more features and applications now.
  • Shifting to Microsoft helped them save their Cost.
  • The IT Team had access to the admin center, hence they were able to enforce policies and rules organization wide.
  • Moving to Microsoft, they were able to standardize their operations and utilize the best of Microsoft Offerings.