Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service enhances support by streamlining case management and providing advanced analytics. It offers tools for efficient customer interactions, ensuring higher satisfaction and faster resolution times.

Empower Your Agents And Transform Customer Service

Make Agents' Work Effortless

Resolve Issues Faster With Copilot

Streamline your support operations with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Copilot helps agents quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues, and drafts effective customer responses. This powerful tool boosts productivity and enhances customer satisfaction by making your agents' work effortless and efficient.

Get Real-Time Insights

Leverage Copilot to streamline your support operations. With features like sentiment analysis, translations, transcriptions, and AI-recommended knowledge articles, Copilot helps agents diagnose and troubleshoot issues swiftly and draft effective customer responses. Boost productivity and enhance customer satisfaction by making your agents' work effortless and efficient.

Connect With The Right Agent

Implement AI-based routing to enhance your support efficiency. This system intelligently classifies issues and assigns them to the most suitable agent, maximizing the chances of resolving inquiries on the first call. Improve customer satisfaction and streamline your support process with targeted agent assignments, ensuring swift and effective issue resolution.

Collaborate Live In Teams

Harness the power of collaboration by bringing together experts who have successfully resolved similar cases. With integrated Microsoft Teams functionality, your team can seamlessly collaborate, share insights, and leverage collective expertise to swiftly resolve complex issues. Enhance efficiency and boost customer satisfaction by leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of your team members.

Enable Self-Service

Provide AI-Powered Chatbots

Experience seamless issue resolution with our intelligent, conversational, generative AI-powered bots. Designed to address customer inquiries in real time, these advanced bots engage users in natural conversations, understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions instantly. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, our bots ensure efficient and personalized support, enhancing the overall customer experience. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to swift resolutions with our cutting-edge AI technology.

Deliver Conversational IVR

Quickly resolve issues with our cutting-edge generative AI-powered conversational interactive voice response (IVR) system. This innovative technology provides human-like interactions, engaging customers in natural conversations to understand their needs and offer personalized solutions promptly. With our IVR, customers experience efficient support without the need for long wait times or complicated menu systems. Say goodbye to frustrating experiences and hello to seamless issue resolution with our advanced conversational IVR technology.

Self-Service With Automation

Boost productivity by automating not only routine tasks but also complex transactions. Our advanced automation solutions streamline processes, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on high-priority tasks. With automation handling repetitive activities and intricate transactions alike, you can achieve greater efficiency and maximize output without sacrificing accuracy or quality. Say hello to increased productivity and goodbye to manual inefficiencies with our comprehensive automation capabilities.

Get Answers From Community Portals

Access answers from community portals effortlessly. Our platform seamlessly integrates with various community portals, providing you with a centralized hub for gathering insights, solutions, and best practices from a diverse community of users. With easy access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise, you can quickly find the answers you need to address your queries and challenges effectively. Say goodbye to time-consuming searches and hello to efficient problem-solving with our community portal integration.

Optimize Service Operations

Get Supervisor Insights

Access an omnichannel insights dashboard featuring AI-driven conversation and channel analytics, consolidating key performance indicators (KPIs) in one convenient location. This comprehensive tool provides valuable insights into customer interactions across various channels, empowering informed decision-making and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Find Coaching Opportunities

Detect emerging trends and identify opportunities for improvement across support topics, agent-customer interactions, and knowledge management. Our advanced analytics platform utilizes AI to analyze vast amounts of data, providing valuable insights into customer needs, agent performance, and knowledge gaps. By pinpointing trends and areas for enhancement, you can proactively address issues, optimize processes, and deliver exceptional support experiences.

Drive Efficiency With Automation

Eliminate manual processes with over 1,000 prebuilt flows and seamlessly integrate custom data connectors into your ecosystem. Our comprehensive automation solution empowers you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows with ease. By leveraging a vast library of prebuilt flows and custom data connectors, you can optimize efficiency, enhance productivity, and drive innovation across your organization. Say goodbye to manual inefficiencies and hello to a more streamlined, agile workflow.

Predict Plan Staffing Levels

Plan staffing levels effectively by leveraging our forecast report feature, which takes into account seasonality, predicted case volumes, and conversational traffic. This powerful tool utilizes advanced analytics to provide accurate predictions, enabling you to anticipate demand fluctuations and allocate resources accordingly. With the ability to proactively adjust staffing levels, you can ensure optimal support coverage, enhance customer satisfaction, and maximize operational efficiency. Stay ahead of the curve with our forecast report feature and deliver exceptional service, no matter the season or volume.

Build on an Open and Extensible Platform

Lower costs by leveraging existing capabilities and seamlessly integrating with other business applications, all within a single platform. Our unified solution enables you to maximize efficiency and minimize expenses by avoiding redundant systems and streamlining processes. By building on your current infrastructure and fostering interoperability, you can optimize resource utilization and drive greater value from your technology investments. Say goodbye to siloed operations and unnecessary expenses, and hello to a more agile and cost-effective business environment.

Meet Customers Where They Are

Set Up Voice Channels

Rapidly deploy phone systems tailored for agent-assisted customer service on a scalable platform meticulously crafted and managed by Microsoft. Our solution offers swift implementation, ensuring your agents can promptly engage with customers. With the reliability and flexibility of Microsoft's infrastructure, your operations remain agile and adaptable to evolving needs, guaranteeing seamless support experiences for your customers.

Enhance Digital Engagement

Deliver expedited service to customers through their preferred digital channels, be it email, text, social networks, or virtual assistants. Our platform ensures seamless engagement across various mediums, prioritizing customer convenience and satisfaction. By meeting customers on their preferred channels, we enhance response times and provide a personalized experience tailored to their preferences.

Provide Real-Time translation

Efficiently engage with customers in their preferred language through real-time translation. Our platform seamlessly translates communications, ensuring clear and effective interactions regardless of language barriers. By enabling real-time translation, we enhance customer satisfaction and foster meaningful connections across diverse audiences.

Use Sentiment-Based Routing

Route cases to the most suitable agent based on customer emotions and needs every time. Our intelligent system analyzes customer sentiments and requirements in real-time, ensuring prompt and personalized assistance. By matching cases with the right agent, we enhance customer satisfaction and streamline support processes, leading to more efficient resolutions and improved experiences.

Show Them You Know Them

Get a 360-Degree View Of Customers

Seamlessly manage customer requests across various channels while efficiently handling multiple sessions concurrently. Our platform empowers your team to provide consistent and timely support, regardless of the communication channel used by customers. With the ability to juggle multiple interactions simultaneously, agents can maximize productivity without sacrificing quality. Say goodbye to siloed communication and hello to a streamlined approach to customer service that ensures every inquiry is promptly addressed, no matter the channel.

Authenticate With Biometrics

Utilize voice and behavioral recognition for a swift and personalized method of verifying customer identities. Our advanced technology analyzes unique vocal and behavioral patterns, ensuring secure and efficient authentication processes. By incorporating these cutting-edge features, we enhance the customer experience, minimizing friction while maintaining stringent security standards. Say goodbye to cumbersome verification methods and hello to a seamless, personalized authentication experience for your customers.

Analyze sentiment

Provide tailored responses using AI that monitors customer engagement and comprehends customer intent instantaneously. Our AI-driven system continuously analyzes customer interactions, enabling personalized responses that cater to individual needs and preferences. By understanding customer intent in real time, we ensure timely and relevant communication, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Say goodbye to generic replies and hello to authentic, personalized engagement that fosters meaningful connections with your customers.

Learn Customers Journeys

Unlock valuable insights from customer interactions and journeys to tailor offers and recommendations to each individual. By analyzing customer behavior and engagement patterns, our platform enables personalized marketing strategies that resonate with your audience. From targeted promotions to tailored product recommendations, we help you create meaningful connections and drive customer loyalty. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all marketing and hello to personalized experiences that enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

Enhanced Features of Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Your Ultimate Support Hub

Welcome to Dynamics 365 Customer Service! We're delighted to offer you a suite of capabilities to ensure your business can deliver the best customer service experience possible to your customers. We believe that knowing your customers enables you to personalize each experience and optimizes your agents' productivity so you can earn customers for life. The agent experience is the heart of Dynamics 365 Customer Service. The key to improving satisfaction in service delivery is enabling agents to take customer requests from any channel, handle multiple sessions at a time, interact with multiple apps without losing context, and enhance their workflow with productivity tools.